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Friday, January 26, 2007


Ha...a horrible week and depressing day in the office has inspired me to revive my blog. I'm into the bloodtype diet now after a Blood Type Shop opened at Golden Shoe Food Centre near where I work. I'm reading 'Live Right For Your Bloodtype, which explains the theory behind the diet and prescribes lifestyles that suit each blood type. Im type A, which is the worse of the lot, cos we are meant to be vegetarian. That means I've gotta stay away from ALL red meat and poultry, dairy and eggs, how sad is that right!!! But I'm allowed to eat fish and Ive succeeded in having fish soup for lunch for almost 3 consecutive weeks now and I must say I feel a lot betta, even tho I'm not exercising everyday like I used to. I guess this is really working for any case, its a good excuse to switch to a healthier diet. There is one thing I like abt this bloodtype diet tho, it says type As should do relaxing exercises like yoga instead of jogging etc because we have a low threshold for stress and strenuous exercise can actually be detrimental to our body! This I dun mind at all man :P

I'm also reading a novel called 'the curious incident of the dog in the nighttime'. Its a first person account by an autistic boy.....the book or rather its protaganist is incredibly charming and intelligent. It gives a rare glimpse into what the world of an autistic person might be like and makes u realise that they may not be so different or abnormal at all, especially when I sometimes feel exactly the way he does. Perhaps I am borderline autistic as well...who knows.

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Earl and Lu Lu's Adventure Beyond the Playpen

Lu Lu discovers a whole new land of bedsheets outside his playpen.

Earl takes a breather from the challenging and eye boggling terrain of the duvet

MEO-OUCH!!! Not another mountain of pillows!!!!!!!

Earl and Lu settle for the comfort of the level lowlands of the dining table chairs

Just as they were getting comfy.........

The Big Bad Grizzy comes and threatens to tear their ping pong ball heads from their writhing bodies

Refusing to be subdued, Earl scares the Big Bad Grizzly away with an icy cold stare...


The monster falls to the ground, defeated.

Ahhh! At least, some peace and quiet.

Saturday, January 07, 2006

Soory for going MIA for so long, been really bz with xmas shopping luncheons, buffets, parties, between running after Grizzy, Lulu, Earl and talking to my senior dog of 12 yrs, Alf.
Alf's turning blind, so i try to spend more time talking and being with him so he doesn't feel so lost and alienated from the world.

Its tuff to see your dog grow old......i dunno how to describe the weird twisted ball of emotions I feel - glad that he's still alive and lucid, sad that he is fading by the day, guilty for not being able to do more, torn between giving him the yummiliest treats and keeping on the protein free diet for his ailing kidneys, guilty for leaving him home when I take Grizzy out to the dog park and apprehensive of facing up to the reality that he may pass away one day soon, and fear that that day is eminently drawing closer...............

Lulu and Earl are looking really good, they've filled out from near skeletal crawlies to fluffy bouncy bundles of fur. They're three months now, so no more whiny shrieks for for milk, they're too busy tumbling over each other from one end of the house to the other.

Grizzy's been keeping my hands full, literally. He's in his rebellious phase now, barking and disobeying whateva i tell him to do. Sigh, had to resort to growling and shouting at him. Sometimes that doesn't work and I have to do a King King - roaring and drumming my hands like Im the King of the Jungle himself. Hahaha, but Grizzy always sees thru my act and just looks at me with great amusement. But when my boyfren does it, Grizzy runs for his life, like there's no tomorrow.

Very good. This way, I get to be the good parent who dishes out the cuddles :) heeheeeee...however, it also means that I get the dubious honour of waking up to Grizzys wet nose with his tongue lapping at my face at 530am every morning - doesn't always feel so great when you worked till 11pm the last nite and only hit the sack at 1am. But well part and parcel of being a mum to a boisterious pup yeah, especially when hesone of the sweetest eva, to me at least :)

I've got some pics of all the safari action that's been going on...gonna take a few more and try and put them up over the next few days.

Oh and Have a Happy New Year!!! :)

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Animal Outing

I trooped Grizzy, Earl and Lulu down to the vet on Saturday!

I've always loved going to the vet to check out all the other animals. But Grizzy wasn't so thrilled since he was due for his second vaccination shot. When I put the leash on him he just froze like a block of wood. It was quite funny, he wldn't even eat a chocolate I offered him!

Anyway, after much cajoling and eventually having to carry him out of the house, we finally made it to Namly to see Dr Ling, who is really one of the nicer vets around. She weighed Grizzy and guess what? he's put on 4 kg in the last month! He now weighs 10kg. At this rate, he's gonna be 20 plus kg when he's full grown.

I told Grizzy that he'd betta learn how to walk with the leash quickly, cos I'm not gonna be able to carry him ard much longer.....Dr Ling said that I shld leave the leash on him while we are at home.

I've tried that before, but he just pees submissively when that happens.....he's definately had some traumatic experience with the leash.

I try to bring him out for walks whenever I can, so that he can get used to walking on the leash, but he still doesn't like going out and dashes around nervously when he's outdoors.

In fact, Mel, my boyfren said that walking Grizzy feels just like water-skiing! Haha, he's right, but Grizz is a smart boy and I'm sure he will get the hang of it eventually.

I just wish I had the time to walk Grizzy everyday, I think it's really good for his mental and physical development and a great way for me to bond with him, but right now, I usually only have time to do it on weekends.

As for Earl and Lulu, the minute Dr Ling saw them, she instinctively knew that they were really messy eaters. Hee, I guess the dried food bits stuck to their skin gave it away.

I wash them with water and grooming spray after each meal, but it doesn't get rid of the sticky filmy residue from the milk and wet food.

Dr Ling gave me a sporal shampoo for Earl and Lulu and suggested that I bathe and scrub them to get all the gunk out, otherwise they might be prone to skin or fungal infections.

So Earl and Lu got their very first bath when we got home. It was a lot easier than I expected, they didn't put up much resistance even when I dipped their paws and under belly in a basin of warm soapy water and they seemed to really enjoy getting a good scrub!

They were really clean and fluffy after the bath, but were a nasty gruesome mess again after rolling and dunking themselves in their food. So to keep them clean now I give them a mini bath after every meal by scrubbing the food soiled areas with warm soapy water.

But the food bits just have a knack of clinging on to their fur, so I sometimes have to pluck them off one by one. It can get really tedious.....but Earl and Lu never fail to make the whole process a real joy....simply by being the purring, gurgling lil babies that they are, contentedly basking in my cuddles and attention.

See, don't they look really sweet wrapped up in the towel?

heehee, they're actually even cuter when I towel dry them and they are lying on their back with their paws outstretched, enjoying a good tummy rub, but I my hands were full then, so I didn't get a chance to capture that Kodak moment. But watch this space for more pics of Earl and Lulu yah!

Nails, Balls and Grizzy

I was on course on Friday, and guess what I did during the 2 hour lunch break??

Treat my overworked hands and feet to a long overdue, well-deserved mani and pedi of course!!!

Nice right!!! And they go perfectly with my shocking pink heels!

hee, unfortunately, they don't look so nice now, aftering just two days of hard knocks from my chor lor demeanor and falling victim to Grizzy's tenacious teeth.

I had them done at this place on the 3rd flr of Shaw Centre, called Purple Phoenix, which Ying recommended.

The decor is not as fun as Fave Nails, where I usually go, and the staff are a lot more reserved, although they are really nice. But the place is very quiet so the mani and pedi was a lot more relaxing and unhurried. Also love the cushy chairs that are purrfect for falling asleep in!

It's not the kinda place I wld think of going to at first glance, but now that I've tried it, I'm sold and am definitely going back!

I also dropped by Pet Lovers at Shaw and got Grizzy a Hol-ee Ball!! He loves it! Finally he has something else he can chase around and chew on, instead of me. :)

Sigh, what shall I do today? Rip more of Delly's clothes into bits? Yaawwwn, boorrring!

Oh lookee here...its a Hol-ee Ball!

Mmmm.... this tastes better than that Delly's purple Morgan skirt..


10 mins later

.............................. it's a ball with holes...what's next?

Girls Day Out

Ha, this is long over due, I've been flipping thru the pics on my cam for too long, hoping to find some time to upload them here. Well, I guess my jam packed life only starts slowing down at 2am on Sun morning. Far too soon, it will be Monday morning blues, but I try to seize the day and not think too much abt that.

It's been a great week, work seems to be winding down, (my fingers are crossed hoping it'll stay that way), and I'm so glad that I can finally have some decent fun with my frens!

Jacin, Fion and me had lunch at Menotti on Thurs. The pasta and desserts there are really yummy!

My fave is the pesto tagliatelle. Not many places do a good pesto pasta and I'm always spoilt for choice by their dessert selection!

I had a goose liver pate sandwich on Thursday, which was very good, very authentically frenchie I think? But don't take my word for it cos I'm no food conoisseur, just a greedy pig that loves to eat just about anything and everything!

Jacin and Fion thought their aglio olio and crab tomato pasta were pretty good too and topped it all off with some colourful scoops of gelato. See, the happy, satisfied looks on our faces tell it all!

Jacin, sorry this pic is soo shadowy, I can't seem to figure out my cam - everything looks white washed with the flash on, but when I turn it off the pics come out too dark, even tho they look just right on the cam's didgital screen. But, like I always say, a lil imperfection is always good eh! :)

In the evening, I met Fion and Ying for dinner. We tried this japanese katsu - park chop - place at the basement of Taka. I've always walked pass it and oogled at the pics of crisp crumby pork chops....and they serve them in almost everyway a sandwich, with rice, on hotplate....

Ying said the curry is to die for, and I totally agree, after stealing a couple of spoonfuls from her!

Ying soon learns that the only way to keep me away from her food is to eat it very quickly!

Fion and I had the porkchops cooked with egg on a hotplate...kinda the way the pork is cooked in a katsu don, but way betta.

As you can see, good food never fails to make Fion and me really happy!!!!

Mmmmm.......thinking abt it is making me drool now...think I'll go there for dinner tonight!

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

A New Leaf

I 've decided to start my blog afresh.......the previous posts just didn't seem relevant anymore.

I know, it's weird for someone to do a complete turnaround, especially over a matter of days or weeks. But it's important for this blog to accurately reflect my current state of mind.

I hope this doesn't mean I'm schizoprenic man..............uh oh.

However, I decided to keep some of the pics from my previous posts. Pics are good, whoever said that pics tell a thousand words was a wise man, will do more pics from now on.

So, welcome to my week in photos........

Hung out with Raine on Sat....went to catch Jules in The Snow Queen, perm our eye lashes and pig out on the yummy pasta and mudpies at Big O!!!!

This is me pigging out on my favourite mudpie at Big O! It's yellow and pink with mashmallows, gummi bears and cherries in between! It's got my name written all over it!!!!!

I also got to meet up with Janani and Clare last Wed. Actually Janani's gonna be performing at the Child Aid concert tonight! I'm gonna catch her there too!

Monday, December 05, 2005


Yay! My kitties seem to be growing well. They've almost doubled in size!

Here are some pics of them

My mom has christened the grey one Earl and the black one Lulu.

Yeah trust my mom to come up with these weirdo names. I leave it to her because no matter what I name my pets, she always interferes with some cheesy name that she will insist on using anyway.

If you haven't already guessed.....

It's Earl, as in Earl Grey Tea........for the grey kitty and
LuLu as in Aw Lu Lu (Hokkein for very very black) for the black kitty

Well at least the names have character, or at least i try to convince myself so. Better tacky then plain and boring eh?

But I guess naming them means we're gonna be keeping them. Yay!

I must admit, I'm biased.....Lulu's my favourite, especially when he purrs and stares at me with his doeful midnight blue eyes, looking like the sweetest thing that ever walked the earth.

Actually, with his pointy oversized ears, Lu almost looks like a mini black Yoda. In fact, I wanted that to be his name, but my mom just wldnt have it.

Earl's, the better looking of the two.....but he's a real brat...always bossing and shoving Lu around.

But they're both real close and do everythg and go everywhere together. So sweet rite?

It was pretty hard work raising them in the behining, but I'm really glad I perservered.

We're going to the vet on Sat, hope they grow up to be healthy, lovely kitties!